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Writer's Block:"People Do Love Me."
The cuts on my arm
are signs of lies and decete
... I try to stop yet
I can't get it off repeat
The blood trickles out
and turns red in open air
The first time I cut
it gave me a scare
Now its like a second nature
which I want to change
I can't take it anymore
I am going insane
I'm alone and scared
in this cold dark world
I don't know what to do
The knife cuts another thin line
out of which more blood flows
The final cut is nearly fatal
I almost bleed out
I wake up in a hospital
an IV in my arm
People gathered around the bed
praying I'm alright
Relization quickly hits
that I'm not alone
People do love me
I should have seen it
long before
It wasn't worth all the blood,
pain, and suffering
just to see the evident
That I refused to see

Written by XBrianXSceneX


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